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Third Assembly of Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization

Libero attended Third in a row Assembly of  Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization, on 22nd and 23rd of January on Borsko jezero. For us, this was a very important meeting, because we became a full member of this network organization, which now allows us to work together with other members to make important decisions for the youth … read more »



Bringing into play, online activism manual

During the international training “Virtual action for real reaction” Libero started with developing the manual for online activism. The manual was created as the result of this training and Libero’s previous work on this topic.  Internet is a space for activism for which we have to be prepared because for some time now we are … read more »



VFR 2014, Final Conference

“Virtual Feels Real” for this year ended on 10th of December in Novi Pazar. During the Final Conference for participants and future cooperates in providing the safe online space for young people we summarized the results for this years campaign. Also we gave propositions for reacting on virtual violence either if you were the victim … read more »

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