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Genderality training seminar

After six days of training seminar dealing with gender discrimination online and how we should overcome it we succeeded- our Internet campaign got its frame, messages, directions and it will be fantastic. Young people from many European countries gathered with Libero to deal with this topic knowing how important it is and also being prepared … read more »



Activist Service, stakeholder meeting

Implementation of the project Activist Service started with a stakeholder meeting. Representatives of Youth Offices, Students Parliaments, professors, NGOs and trainers discussed about the development of online data base that is expected to be important part of this project. Our programmer collected ¬†valuable inputs and will inform all stakeholders about the progress of the base. … read more »



VFR 2014, Final Conference

“Virtual Feels Real” for this year ended on 10th of December in Novi Pazar. During the Final Conference for participants and future cooperates in providing the safe online space for young people we summarized the results for this years campaign. Also we gave propositions for reacting on virtual violence either if you were the victim … read more »

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