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VFR 2014. in Novi Pazar

Virtual Feels Real in 2014 is focused on promoting values which presence online usually means that hate speech and other negative communication wouldn’t even happened. This time main aim of VFR is to educate young people in Novi Pazar to be ready to defend human rights online and become multipliers  for values such as equality, … read more »


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VFR, Novi Pazar, module one

Peer educators from Novi Pazar performed their workshops to their peers in five schools from this town. The topic of workshops was human rights and the knowledge transferred on these events was the one that peer educators gained during the module one when Libero tough them about it. Participants learned about the meaning and generations … read more »



VFR, final activity for 2013.

The final activity for Virtual Feels Real project was held in presence of Antje Rothemund, Council of Europe, Head of Office in Serbia, Jelena Spasović, coordinator of the project and president of NGO Libero, Aleksandar Šapić, president of New Belgrade Municipality and Ivan Despotović, New Belgrade Youth Office Coordinator as well as the representatives of … read more »

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