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KOMS visited Libero

Roof Organization for Youth in Serbia (KOMS) named contact person for conditional members. Libero had the pleasure to welcome Aleksandar Linc-Đorđević. During the meeting we exchanged our impressions, suggestions and comments hopping to have even better mutual communication and to work even harder for youth’s better life quality.



Virtual Feels Real or what we did this year

2190 high school students in 117 workshops:) VFR workshops were held in Kragujevac, Pančevo, Bor, Sremska Mitrovica, Novi Sad, Loznica, Beograd, Kikinda, Niš, Boljevac, Prokuplje, Leskovac, Vranje and Lapovo.  Thanks to peer educators from their cities participants were informed about the hate speech, discrimination, prejudices, stereotypes, misuse  of profiles, protection online and tolerance. Workshops gained … read more »



VFR, final activity for 2013.

The final activity for Virtual Feels Real project was held in presence of Antje Rothemund, Council of Europe, Head of Office in Serbia, Jelena Spasović, coordinator of the project and president of NGO Libero, Aleksandar Šapić, president of New Belgrade Municipality and Ivan Despotović, New Belgrade Youth Office Coordinator as well as the representatives of … read more »

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